Third and Fourth year CHM students requesting a shadowing experience (or Non-Clinical Field Request), will need to have prior approval.  Students may not shadow during their clerkships.  Students should contact Michelle Knox to work on setting up an experience.  Please note that this may take up to three weeks to schedule. 

Once the experience has been set up, students will need to fill out the Non-Clerkship Clinical Field Request Form, found at this link, Third and Fourth Year CHM Students – Non-Clerkship Clinical Field Request, and return to Michelle.  Students should also make sure this form is completed and filled out for shadowing experiences at other institutions to ensure they are covered by medical liability insurance.

Any student requesting to shadow in a surgical specialty will need to contact the Department of Surgery directly to set this up.  Students may need a scrub session prior to shadowing.  Please contact Ms. Lindsay Gluf at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.