Clinical Prosection

ANTR 685


The course offers students hands-on prosection/dissection of student’s desired/selected regions of preserved Human Cadavers or isolated body parts, under the guidance of the Anatomy Faculty members involved in the prosection courses. The assignments are designed to produce prosected bodies /or body parts that can be used for teaching in the Medical Gross Anatomy Labs. At the completion of the prosection assignment, each student will be expected to present to the public (Faculty, Lab Personnel, & Students), a 30-minute oral seminar-style briefing of the prosected structures or objectives. Additionally, the student will be expected to annotate and review at least two (2) relevant peer reviewed journal articles pertaining to the body region being prosected. The articles should cover recent innovative treatments encompassing clinical anatomy correlates/surgical techniques or osteopathic manipulations, or diagnostic imaging advances, or genetic/cell therapies, etc.