FM 611

Family Medicine

The elective month offers the student the opportunity to learn geriatric medicine in the ambulatory and long-term care settings. Students will rotate with multiple geriatricians and participate in the care of older adults at the Sparrow Senior Health Center and one or more nursing facilities. Learning topics covered include: approach to the care of an older adult, physical examination screening tools, geriatric syndromes, dementia diagnosis and treatment, management of chronically ill and medically complex patients, interdisciplinary team care, nursing home care, and end-of-life care. Students will also attend clinical rounds with family and internal medicine residents.


The students will also participate in interdisciplinary team meetings at long-term care facilities, learning the processes at the point of care. They will learn a team based approach to difficult patients with dementia in nursing homes, development of care plans and assessment and management of psychotropics medications. Students will also get a brief introduction to virtual health care options for delivery of care to vulnerable older adults.