PRECEPTOR NAME(S): Saif Fatteh, MD and Jamie Fast, NP

DURATION: two or four week

ELECTIVE NAME: Dermatology  



INSTITUTION: Private Office  


  • To provide students with an introduction to the diagnosis and treatment of dermatologic diseases.  
  • To obtain firsthand knowledge of the significance of skin biopsy and histopathological interpretation and clinical pathological relationships.  
  • The student will become familiar with the classification of dermatologic diseases useful in diagnosis and patient treatment.  
  • To give the student a better understanding of the relationship of dermatology in general medicine.  


This elective will provide students the opportunity to examine patients under the direction of an office physician. The student will perform a physical examination and will be expected to learn the basic techniques for examination of the cutaneous system. The student will have the opportunity to learn classification of skin diseases and understand the basic principles of diagnosis and treatment; and if the opportunity permits the student will be exposed to therapeutic modalities of treatment. The student will be exposed to outpatient surgery of skin tumors.   Outpatient: usually 100%.


Preceptor(s) will be asked to submit a written evaluation at the conclusion of the clerkship. Faculty are encouraged to provide ongoing feedback throughout elective rotations.