MED 615


The student will encounter patients with various disorders and diseases seen by gastroenterologists. The student will be expected to evaluate, develop an assessment and propose appropriate diagnostic and management approaches for patients seen. There will be ample opportunities afforded to observe endoscopic and other gastroenterologic procedures. Attendance and participation in the scheduled experiences of the clerkship is required unless specifically excused. Student is supervised by attending gastroenterologist. They will receive endoscopic observation experience, weekly didactic education conferences, and GI Journal Club. The students will see a spectrum of gastrointestinal patients. Students will demonstrate the ability to perform a competent screening history and physical examination and develop an appropriate assessment and management plan (diagnostic and therapeutic). The student will demonstrate the ability to concisely and accurately present patients to the attending gastroenterologist. Weekly didactic sessions will cover approaches to common gastrointestinal problems. The student will be able to discuss approaches to patients with: Abdominal pain, Gastrointestinal bleeding, Chronic diarrhea, Jaundice. The staff gastroenterologist will evaluate the student’s ability to fulfill objectives of the clerkship experience. Appropriate and timely feedback will be provided. The student is responsible for making the evaluation available for completion. The student will be encouraged to provide verbal and written feedback regarding the educational experience.