Sparrow Urology

SUR 611

This elective offers an in-depth exposure to inpatient, outpatient and operative urology. Students will participate in all aspects of general urology, functioning as an integral member of the urology resident staff.Students will follow the American Urological Association Medical Student Curriculum while on rotation. The urology elective is open to third and fourth year medical students who have successfully completed their core surgical rotation prior to their visit.

 The educational learning objectives for this course:

Patient Care

  1. Demonstrate efficient history taking skills on patients presenting with complaints.
  2. Demonstrate physical examination skills in the evaluation of non-critical patients presenting with common urology complaints.
  3. Formulate a differential diagnosis of the most likely conditions based upon symptoms and signs.
  4. Consider the differential diagnosis in patients presenting with common urology complaints. From the most serious pathology to the least.
  5. Order and interpret common ancillary studies such as lab tests or radiographs on urology patients.
  6. Institute appropriate therapy of common urology complaints.
  7. Make decisions concerning the need for patient hospitalization.
  8. Demonstrate proficiency in procedural skills appropriate for the medical student level, under the direct supervision of an attending physician.
  9. Establish the ability to manage 1 to 3 patients simultaneously.
  10. Develop and carry out patient management plans.

Students will be responsible for pre-rounding on their assigned patients prior to rounds and presenting to the team on daily rounds including a complete assessment and plan.  Personal patients are assigned by the resident or attending.  Students observe and assist in surgeries and follow their respective patients from admission until discharge thus establishing a pattern of continuity of care.  Students will also experience patient care in an outpatient setting by seeing patients in the urology clinic under the supervision of the faculty and senior residents. For the 3rd year rotating students, emphasis will be placed on history and physical exam while gaining an understanding of basic urological disease. For 4th year students their responsibility is increased, and will be expected to act as interns albeit without the same authority and level of supervision. No student will be responsible for performing any procedure in an independent unsupervised manner.

All students will attend regularly scheduled weekly educational conferences to include morbidity and mortality, Journal club, Mayo Clinic tumor board, grand rounds, and resident / faculty presentations. Students planning on pursuing a career in urology will be required to provide an educational presentation during their rotation.

Visiting Application Information