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Community Assistant Dean

Carol Parker is our interim Community Assistant Dean while we conduct a recruitment search. In addition, she currently serves as the Assistant Dean for Program Evaluation and Continuing Quality Improvement, the Executive Director of Academic Affairs and the Director of Continuing Medical Education. Carol provides administrative leadership to Academic Affairs including implementing and managing a monitoring system for the medical school’s Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) accreditation and providing leadership to the Continuing Medical Education Office. Carol participated in the development of the Shared Discovery Curriculum, the exciting new competency-based curriculum which integrates clinical experiences with necessary basic science from the beginning of medical school and is part of the leadership for implementation which started in August 2016. Finally, Carol is part of our teaching faculty and is the director of the Health Systems Complexities and Population Vulnerabilities intersession, which is an overview of the United States health system from payer to provider to patient, highlighting population vulnerabilities, factors impacting patient experience, and the need for cultural competency.