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The MSU College of Human Medicine Lansing Community offers Clinical Elective Clerkships to MSU College of Human Medicine students and visiting students.

MSU College of Human Medicine students should work through their community assistant dean’s office to schedule electives with the Lansing Community or the  Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) to schedule electives with educational institutions participating in VSLO outside of MSU. Not all institutions participate in VSLO, so students should check with the Laning Community Assistant Dean’s office for assistance.

All rotations at the Lansing Community listed below will be available from July 28, 2023 on through the conclusion of the academic year.

Visiting students, please see Visiting Student Page regarding the application process, policies, and resources.

Please find a brief description of each of our elective rotations below:

* Residency Program


Supplemental Application links:



General Surgery



Family Medicine

For questions pertaining to elective scheduling or information, please contact:

Bry Powers, Elective Curriculum Coordinator
Phone: 517-364-3895

For questions pertaining to elective evaluations, please contact:

Phone: 517-364-3890